Recipe: Cornmeal pancakes with lemon curd and blueberry compote

I’ve wanted to try making cornmeal pancakes since being introduced to them as part of a really delicious brunch at Cookshop in New York a few years ago. After a morning walking the nearby High Line, I enjoyed a stack of drop scone-style pancakes, flecked with red chilli and sandwiched together with zingy lemon curd. When I recreated this dish, I wasn’t quite brave enough to include the chilli, but kept the lemon curd and added blueberry compote.
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Recipe: Easy shakshuka with DIY toppings {spring brunch}

The first properly warm and sunny weekend of 2016, coupled with a friend’s birthday, called for a celebratory brunch. When it comes to brunch with this particular group of friends, we usually go for the classic: Scotch pancakes (aka drop scones), piled high with crispy bacon and maple syrup. Delicious, but not ideal for the cook, who spends the majority of the meal sweating over a hot stove, churning out a production line of pancakes and ending up with the bits of bacon no-one else wanted – no fun! This has led me to conclude that one-pot brunches are the answer – when you’re hosting a crowd, you need a quick, easy and delicious dish that you can serve up straight away. Enter: shakshuka.
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Recipe: Cheese and chilli cornbread

I put together a quick Saturday brunch for four this morning, and this cornbread made a delicious centrepiece. I’m not sure how authentic this is (slightly adapted from this recipe), but it was certainly quick, very easy, and went down a storm alongside a plate of crudites and roasted red pepper hummus.
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